Harmonizing Fist Kung-Fu Center
Decatur, Georgia 30034
Head Instructor: Sifu Muntu Isom
Contact #: 404-432-4560

Sifu Muntu Isom

Sifu Muntu Isom


Thank you for your interest. Yes, I am accepting new students at this time. It is our preference to have small classes for better student to teacher learning ratio. My schedule is flexible at this time.

We are located in Decatur,Ga just 20 minutes east of downtown Atlanta near South Dekalb Mall and Dekalb Perimeter College. The Harmonizing Fist is a small highly personalized non-commercialized school with a good student to Sifu ratio to maximize learning. We know from experience that the best way to acquire skills is through a well structured program of inquiry, analysis, application and self discovery. We focus on the application and understanding of  Martial Arts and the 5 Element Theory as it applies to health,Qi(chi)development, and martial arts skill.

Private classes are taught on a flexible schedule basis to accommodate the needs of the student. Private classes are $40.00 per hour or $60.00 for two hours. Our ranking system is not based upon belts, but rather the successful completion of our supervised course of study and the comprehensive attainment of specific skills. All classes are taught in a safe progressive manner with scientific explanation for the when, what, where, why, and how approach.

Enrollment is limited.
Saturday semi-private small group classes are held from 11:30 am to 2:00 PM. Class schedules are subjected to change based upon enrollment.
An initial payment of $125.00 covers sign up cost and first month tuition. Thereafter, cost is $125.00 for each following month. Contracts are not required. Pay as you learn, however dedication is a must. The first 3 months can serve as a short term trial period for new students to check out classes without obligation.

If you are interested in either the small group semi-private classes or private lessons,  send an email to sifumuntu2000@yahoo.com and/or call (404) 647-1004. 

*PLEASE LEAVE ME your phone number, so we can discuss things further.

Depending upon your interest and decision to attend classes, a follow-up email will be sent to you with specific directions to the school. Again, we appreciate your interest.

Shizu Muntu Isom/ Founder and Chief Instructor

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