Laoshur Muntu Isom

Muntu Isom is a highly skilled Kung-Fu master with a diverse background in several styles of martial arts, as well as qigong, Chinese massage (Tui Na), meditation, herbal medicine, and acupuncture. Muntu Isom, with over thirty years of experience in martial arts and teaching experience. He began studying Kung-Fu under the tutelage of Master Raymond Nelson,1968 at the age of sixteen. Training in the 7-Star Northern Praying Mantis technique was received from Master Raymond Li (1968), and Grandmaster Sifu Chiu Lien in New York City’s Chinatown District 1970-1978. Master Isom. Internal Martial Art training was received from Master Khallid Hakim. He received many years of in-depth training from Master Hakim in the arts of Ba Gua , Xing-Yi, Wu style Tai Chi Chuan .Special intensive training was given to Sifu Isom in Ju-jitsu under the guidance of Sensei Bo, a veteran of twenty years of experience, and Lateef Chike, black belt trained in Master Moses Powell Ju-jitsu system. Special training in Wing-Chun was given under the guidance of Kurt Baker, a senior assistant instructor at the Jason Lau Wing Chun Survival. Sifu Isom assisted Sifu Jason Lau by conducting a joint demonstration at Georgia Tech featuring both Wing Chun 7-Star Mantis, June of 1989. He has surveyed, studied extensively and researched teaching methods from various Wing Chun lineages such as Steve Cottrell in Fort Worth, Texas, Leung Ting’s in Hong Kong, Yip Man/ Moy Yat, Augustine Fong.

Sifu Isom co-founded and served as the president of the Tabala School of Martial Arts for adults and children (1980-1982) situated at the Neighborhood Arts Center and the Outdoor Activity Center of Atlanta. Throughout the early to mid- 1980’s, Sifu coached adults and children for competitive events such as the Battle of Atlanta, and the Georgia Tech Invitation Open Tournament, providing them the necessary skills to achieve gold and silver medals He is currently the founder and chief instructor of the Harmonizing Fist Kung-Fu Center and Life is Healing Institute in Ellenwood, Ga. Master Isom and his students have actively participated in numerous demonstrations in and around the Atlanta area. Since 1995, Sifu Isom, who is at present referred to as Laoshur or experienced master level teacher, has developed his own unique system of martial arts known as the Harmonizing Fist, a unique blend of Wing Chun, 7-star Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan, and Ba Gua. He has appeared on Public Access Cable TV and the Cable Dekalb Network channel for both demonstrations and commentaries.

Master Isom aka Dr. Angelo Isom, outside the world of martial arts is also a naturopath, CEO and director of Life is Healing, a holistic wellness practice. He is the author of several books on health. His most recently featured books are “The Sexual Warrior Within”, The Male Sexual Warrior 2017 (expanded edition), and “Are you Healthy for Sex?” These books are available on Dr. Isom has studied both martial arts and health in numerous countries such as Brazil, Panama, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Virgin Island, Honduras, etc.  Dr. Isom released as of February 2017 a new instructional guides manual entitled, The 5 Taoist Yin Organs Medical Qigong with a DVD on amazon. Over the years, he has counseled countless number of clients seeking to restore their health or achieve optimal fitness and health. Master Isom’s approach to health is based primarily upon the cultivation of vital energy qi, cleansing the body, eating according to the seasons and mind/body commitment to a healthy optimal lifestyle. Private healing sessions, seminars and martial art classes are available upon request. Master Isom is dedicated to improving the quality of martial arts instruction in the community. Master Isom can be contacted at and

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