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Todai (students),

A common criticism of online training is that you don’t get the hands on correction of a teacher. It is important to note that no matter who you are or where you find your teachers, you are still required to spend quite a bit of time practicing by yourself. Even during a live class, a teacher can only watch over and give corrections a small percentage of the time. (unless you’re doing 1 on 1 private lessons.) So you must learn to self correct. What is correct form? There’s no such thing. Correctness is a matter of degrees and it can always be more or less correct.

The key is to focus on one principle at a time. There are dozens if not hundreds of principles and energies that can be trained with your form. Which one are you working on today? For example,  when practicing Bagua  and Wing Chun, we always  start with a few basic principles that they can train in the form. Basic energy connection & alignment are of paramount importance. So the first thing students learn is how to feel good alignment and how to feel when the energy is connected and when it isn’t. Then students can now practice the form and the instant their alignment breaks they can self correct.

This approach allows them to immediately audit themselves, identify the source of the problem by feel and fix it. By immediately correcting errors in advance proper neuro-muscular memory is developed. Once sufficient work is put into a skill progress can be noticed. These skills  will gradually be ingrained into your body at a much higher level than it was before.  Make sure that when a new skill is acquired that it is  reinforced via repetition.The methods for checking energy connection & alignment are usually taught during the beginning phase of Bagua  and Wing Chun. Over time a student will realize that these same principles and  energies  were always there  in the forms.  Only after many corrections and sustained effort to get it right will one see and feel real progress leading to correct application. I believe that a student can’t get his form correct until he understands the application of that form.

Laoshur Muntu Isom

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