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Zhang Zhao Dong

Bagua Zhang is one of the three internal styles of Chinese martial art. The other two areTaiji Quan and Xing-I Quan. Bagua means Eight Trigram. This refers to the eight basic principles described in the ancient metaphysical treatise (I-Ching), or “Book of Changes”. Bagua is the physical manifestation of these eight principles. The word Zhang means palm. Bagua Zhang as a style of martial art emphasizes the use of the open hand over the closed fist. Bagua Zhang as a martial art is based on the theory of constantly changing in response to the situation at hand in order to overcome an opponent with skill rather than brute force.
Exhaustive research as revealed that this art was the creation of one individual, Dong Haichuan (or Dong Haiquan). Dong was born in Wen’an County, Hebei Province about 1813. He had two top disciples,Yin-Fu and Cheng Ting-Hua.
Bagua Zhang is an art based on evasive footwork and a type of “guerilla warfare” strategy applied to personal combat. A Bagua fighter relies on strategy and skill rather than the direct use of force against force or brute strength in overcoming an opponent. The strategy employed is one of constant change in response to the spontaneous and live attack. Bagua is a very circular art that relies almost entirely on open hand techniques and full body movement to accomplish its goals. Ba Gua is also characterized by its use of spinning movement and extremely evasive footwork.
Many of the techniques in Bagua are similar to other Northern Chinese systems. Bagua Zhang movements have a characteristic circular nature entails great deal of body spinning, turning and rapid changes in direction. In addition to the Single, Double and Eight Palm Changes, the majority of Bagua Zhang styles include some variation of the Sixty-Four Palms tactical maneuvers. The Swimming Dragon Kwa is one of the most sort after forms in the system.

Bagua Zhang Forms

Most students  learn the 8 Mother Palms, Pre-Natal Palms, 64 Palm Changes, and the Swimming Dragon Form. Bagua also makes extensive use of weapons long and short.

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